Support Small Businesses with The Top 5 Unique Gifts People Actually Want Under $35

This holiday season, we’re focusing the importance of shopping small.

While mega-retailers like Amazon and Target are hosting big holiday discounts, the past year has proven that the small and independent businesses need our support more than ever. Instead of screen-browsing through Amazon, check out these brands that showcase strong values, beautiful designs, and a sense of community in their craftsmanship. These thoughtful and unique presents are sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone on your holiday gift list.



For the Chef

A sure way to add flair and flavor to any dining experience, the Rivsalt Himalayan Salt and Grater from Poketo creates a sense of occasion to the meal and setting. The beechwood-carved stand for the hand-grater and natural pink Himalayan salt stone makes for a necessary, but luxurious centerpiece on the table.
Poketo’s Rivsalt Himalayan Salt & Grater

For the Bike or Motorcycle Rider

Perfect for any cyclist, JOERide Studio presents the first ‘splash-free’ coffee holder ever! Designed for all riding conditions, this handy cup-holder can go on a bicycle, or motorcycle, riding the bumpy cobblestone roads of Chicago and keep you mess-free.

JOERide Studio Coffee Holder

For the Jewelry-Addict

The Honie Jewelry Organizer is an easy way to organize and store jewelry. Perfect to store your favorites or seasonal must-haves, this classy organizer will keep track of their jewelry while adding some style to their space.

Honiehi’s Honie Jewelry Organizer

For the Traveler

Despite traveling less this year, you know that they’re going to get that travel bug again. Make their next trip all the more special with these customized passport and luggage tag sets from the Personalized Luxury.

The Personalized Luxury Passport and Luggage Tag Sets

For the Homebody

With the food industry having unprecedented challenges, Boba Bear turned things around with their adorable ceramic drinking jars! This is their way of bringing their iconic spirit into your homes. Set of 2.

Boba Bear’s Ceramic Drinking Jars


With this bag of gifts, you’re definitely going to be the best Santa this year.

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