How to Clean Your Jewelry + Tips!

Jewelry can be timeless, but in order to maintain its shine, there are a few steps to properly care for your collection. It only takes a few minutes to keep your jewelry as beautiful as the first time you wore it.

Step One
Gather all your materials. You may want to grab an extra bowl to put your mild detergent mixture into. 

Step Two
Wipe each piece of jewelry with the soft cloth. Now you can mix your soap - it should be one third soap and two thirds water. 

Step Three
Soap the jewelry (one at a time!) for about ten to fifteen seconds each in the soap mixture. Then use the soft-bristled toothbrush. Dip it into the soap mixture and gently scrub to give a thorough cleaning. 

Step Four
Rinse each jewelry piece carefully with clean water. After you rinse, gently dry the jewelry by patting it with the soft cloth. 


Some extra tips to remember!

1. Put on your jewelry last! Apply your make up, perfumes, and other products on first so that any chemicals in the products have minimal effects on your jewelry.

2. Try to avoid storing your jewelry in direct sunlight. Just like skin sun-damage, there is gemstone sun-damage!

3. Chlorine and salt water can strongly affect your jewelry, so avoid wearing it while swimming.

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